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4 Creepy and Baffling Implications of the X-Men Films |

I wrote about the terrifying implications of the X-Men films, including “Wolverine has a stalker-level obsession with Jean Grey” and “Professor X is a body snatching drug addict”.

3 Fan Communities That Hate Their Own Members

I wrote a column about how comic book and music fans hate their fellow enthusiasts more than anything else in the entire universe. To wit - I embedded a YouTube clip of one of my songs, purely for illustrative purposes and not at all to stroke my own boundless ego, in the body of the column. Within an hour of this article going live, I got a personal message on YouTube (a personal message, mind you, because I had disabled comments and made the video unlisted so the only way you can watch it is by getting the link through my column) that said “Your song is a true piece of shit. You have no talent whatsoever.” Hating it was not enough - this person literally could not go on with his or her life without personally letting me know that I didn’t deserve to make music.



4 Reasons This One Kickstarter Proves Humanity Is Doomed

Operation Barbarossa is a softcore hentai card game wherein you play as sexy Nazis that got funded in record time on Kickstarter, and I wrote about how sad that must make everyone who lived through World War II.